What is Rapid Prototyping And Why is it Used in Development?


Rapid Prototyping applies an iterative approach to the design stage of an app or website. The objective is to quickly improve the design using regularly updated prototypes and multiple short cycles. This saves time and money by solving common design issues before development begins, helps businesses to reach market quicker, and puts the focus of development on the needs of the end-user.… Read More

TopTal vs. DevSquad: Which Is Better?


Development is typically seen as a vital yet stress-inducing process that most businesses dread. But, why is that? As both TopTal and DevSquad recognize, it is difficult to find qualified professionals who are able to not only deliver what you want, but help you figure out what you need.

However, there is no shortage of platforms out there that claim they’ll help you locate talent. In this article, we’ll compare these two top choices to help you decide which is be… Read More

10 Product Development Tips For Every Entrepreneur

Product Development Tips

Before launching a new business, an entrepreneur has many steps to work through to ensure they are heading to market with a one-of-a-kind, truly magnificent product. You not only want your product to be great, but you want consumers to believe in it and trust your new brand enough to invest in it. No matter how many successful businesses you’ve run in the past, launching a new product is an entirely different ball game. To ensure you kick your business off on the right foot, here a… Read More