Business Plans, Scalability, and Bug Squashing: True Business & Technology Alignment

It’s the eternal struggle.

No matter what you seem to do, or how well-oiled the machine is, getting business and technology teams to see eye-to-eye and agree on something can be like pulling teeth.

One “side” seems to have grand visions of the way things should be, while the other lives here on earth with realistic goals and expectations and boundaries. Both sides feel this way, right?… Read More

What is Rapid Prototyping And Why is it Used in Development?


Rapid Prototyping applies an iterative approach to the design stage of an app or website. The objective is to quickly improve the design using regularly updated prototypes and multiple short cycles. This saves time and money by solving common design issues before development begins, helps businesses to reach market quicker, and puts the focus of development on the needs of the end-user.… Read More

How this CEO is Combining Creativity with Customer Service to Create Phenomenal UX/UI

UX/UI profoundly impacts any SaaS product. Users that enjoy using an application, ultimately utilize the tool over and over again, which drives customers back to the developer. On the other side of the coin, no matter how great the functionality is, if the experience is clunky, users will become frustrated and limit their usage, or stop completely. Yikes.… Read More

Starting a SaaS Business: 13 Tips That Will Set You Up For Success

saas success

SaaS is booming; Gartner forecast that global revenue from SaaS will grow from $73.6 billion in 2018 to $101.9 billion by 2020. There’s certainly a huge opportunity, but there is also a lot of competition and plenty of ways to make mistakes. That’s especially true when you have a low budget – you have very little capability to absorb errors until you’ve started generating revenue, which could be months away.… Read More