What it Really Means to Be Agile: The Core Values and Principles of Agile Decision Making


The term “Agile” is used loosely in the tech and software industries; but what does it really mean to be Agile? Can a team or a strategy be Agile just by following a step-by-step “plan” for development? Find out in this no-nonsense video by Mark Shead explaining Agile principles principles and the core values of true Agile behavior. … Read More

RIP Startups: The Top 9 Reasons Startup Businesses Fail (and How We Think You Can Avoid Them)


It stops so many in their tracks… Fear of business failure is real. And so is the fact that more than 50% of new businesses fail within the first four years (stat credit).

That’s a scary reality.

Millions have puzzled over why the failure rate of new businesses is so high, but the research is in! Read on to discover the top 9 reasons so many startups wind-up DOA (and how we think you can avoid them).… Read More