Why Pencil and Paper Are The Best Product Development Technology

A pen and paper may be the most important tech in your product development toolbox.

That’s one of the insights we learned when we recently spoke with Robison Rogers, Product Manager over Weave’s Messaging Services, a communication platform serving small and medium sized businesses that helps make sure every time slot is filled.

Rogers outlines some product kickoff meeting best practices that you should follow.

  • Think about the customer first and what outcomes they want to achieve.
  • Spend some time brainstorming additional features. List everything possible.
  • Take out a pen and paper to sketch out a crude wireframe of how each person sees the feature working for the customer.
  • Discuss those sketches.
  • Put each feature into one of the three columns for the Minimal Viable Product (MVP): must do, should do, and could do.

This post is based on a SaaS Academy Podcast with Robison Rogers, Senior Product Manager at Weave.  To hear this episode, and many more like it, you can subscribe here.

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Mallory Merrill is product manager and editorial director for DevSquad, a true Agile software development company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Working for more than a decade in the technical world of content- and software-writers, Mallory aims to bridge the gap between code and copy. Her work is driven by a passion for language, and the belief that effective communication is the backbone of all healthy businesses.

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